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Oh he's making a list, checking it twice.....  

Eviloutlaw1 60M
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11/30/2021 2:06 am

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12/1/2021 9:23 am

Oh he's making a list, checking it twice.....

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Eviloutlaw1 60M
4974 posts
11/30/2021 2:09 am

Gonna find out who's naughty or nice... Me, I'm sure the check mark by my name will indicate the former rather than the latter on that list. To be sure I'm a good Egg, and usually have no trouble with the Easter Bunny on Easter. But every year that chubby old elf won't budge an inch in regards to me moving from the Naughty side of the list to the Nice side. What I did, or continue to do that has him so ticked off is beyond my keen? I'm kind to everybody.. I don't cause much of a ruckus, I eat my veggies....Usually only swear if I stub my toe, or something of the like, and really don't ask for too much in respects to Christmas gifts. ( See yesterdays Blog ) Yet somehow I never get that special gift from him. That one gift that would really make my Christmas magical.

I'm starting to think it may just be his problem, and nothing I've done. I imagine the pressure for the old guy at this time of year must be enormous. What with the Elves union calling for more pay and less hours. No time for love , or even a quick trip down the chimney with the Mrs. Her being in the kitchen baking all those Christmas goodies and no time to cuddle with her could in fact be the reason he's not answered my requests for that special someone to be with during the holidays. Or maybe it's the fact that he's got to go to work on Christmas when most, if not all of us are safely snuggled in our beds. Irate because every one else has off for the holidays and he has to punch the clock. Yep, that would make anyone less jolly I suppose. I know it would for me.

So, I think I've come up with a solution... instead of him trying to find me someone special from the "Nice list" to spend my holidays with why not just hook me up with someone else, say from Naughty list? I'm sure there are plenty of names he can send my way , names of those women, who for the most part would be on the Nice list themselves, but can't quite make the jump from one list to the other because their naughty side, like my own stands out a bit more. It would cut his work load in half if you think about it. Not having to give us Naughty Lister's a lump of coal, or a hickory switch in our stockings. Then again some of us might be counting on getting that hickory switch for Christmas .. Not me, but I'm just saying some might.

Yep, I'll send off a note to the old Elf today, outlining my proposal. See what he thinks of the idea? It couldn't hurt right? Who knows, perhaps there are a few Naughty Lister's out there who wouldn't mind spending the holidays with another of their kind? I do know if he does send that naughty list along that I'll be checking it twice.

Off to shower now......

Eviloutlaw1 60M
4974 posts
11/30/2021 2:11 am

Have a good one people....

leste4luvv 42F

11/30/2021 2:49 am


author51 59F  
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11/30/2021 3:08 am

How about him sending you one who is Nicely Naughty my fellow Nicely Naughty man. That is what I asked him for. xoxo

You can never have enough JOY in your life..xoxo


Eviloutlaw1 replies on 11/30/2021 9:32 am:
Now there's a thought. I guess I'll be writing another letter to him tomorrow. You know it'd be a heck of a lot easier if he just start up a web site for mail , and gift requests. Though he's too old school I suppose? Then again, if he'd just drop by your place as he was winging his way down to the lower forty-eight he could just drop you off here and we'd both be set for Christmas. two gift requests fill and a very Joyful Christmas for both of us. Have a good one my sexy friend.

PonyGirl1965 56F
21384 posts
11/30/2021 10:59 pm

You have some great ideas for that jolly old elf.
A hickory switch might be a fun gift

Eviloutlaw1 replies on 12/1/2021 12:24 am:
Yep, I do get a lot of great ideas. You are right, a hickory switch might be a fun gift to get id you knew somebody who liked them?

Have a good one Pony!

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