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take me part 588... edited and tweaked a bit.
Posted:Jan 17, 2022 10:19 pm
Last Updated:Jan 18, 2022 4:01 pm

I had too much to do, and too many places to be, in two different times and now I was having visions of Dreka, before he was a dragon. I chalked up the hard stuff. We had bread pudding and then dozed off on the couch as Haag finished a story about Viking glory, which was why didn't matter if they won, or they lost, because was glory on both ends. I was tired, very tired, but Ama hadn't come in. Everyone headed for bed as I grabbed my cup and walked up the ridge. Ama and Gaia were talking as I walked up. They looked at me as Gaia sat, and didn't smile.

"This is important, Danael, you said was nothing around you but sand and rocks. Is that true?'

"Nothing else." Ama and Gaia looked at each other, arguing. "What?" Ama spoke.

"You are remembering your ancient past, and 's not going be pleasant...not because of you, because you can take pain. won't be pleasant because of the ones you couldn't save.

"Like now."

"Like now" I growled and began shift and Gaia bound me. "You can't beat Dreka, even as old as he his you can't. He's too powerful." I stared at them.

"Where does he stay?"

"In caves in the mountains of Tibet."

"And are you, Gaia, Ama? Where's Marnine?"

"You seem let the worst out and then ring your hands as if is nothing that can be done. Bring his cave down, bury his treasure, get the girls out, and he will no place go but here. I a rider, and I went unconscious"

They looked at me and laughed. "Love, Dreka would destroy you in five minutes and then yawn." Gaia nodded. "'s no doubt that you are brave, dragon, but you are and Dreka has fought many dragons...."

"So has Aisha, if I'm not mistaken. I don't want you do now, but will happen because he is the one trying destroy my family, and I won't stand for that. I don't care how big he is. I'll take care of my family." They looked at me, and nodded as I shifted without mist and went back Irina. I didn't fall, which was nice, but was different, empty. Wolf walked up. "What happened?"

Another dragon came, with men, and bound the people."

"My family?" He stared at me and howled in anguish because it was his family too. 'How long i been gone?"

"Most of a season. They tried but how do you fight a dragon. They felt that you abandoned them." I nodded.

"Are any of the witches alive?"


"Hammish and Ilsa?" He lowered his head.

"Men aren't like wolves. or bears.... dragons." I nodded and asked him take me the witch. He stared at me. "She scares us.'

"Take me brother, you'll be fine." Wolf and I walked into the forest and up the mountain to a cave, a nice cave. I walked around as wolf yipped and a woman walked out, looked at me, and sent a bolt of energy at me. I grabbed it my left hand and sent into Gaia with my right as I stood and said stop. She stopped and then walked forward.

"I mean you no harm, sister, ...."

"I know are dragon. Where were you when you could helped these people, my sisters. Force needs force, dragon."

"Tell me what happened, sister." She made us tea as I looked around. She told me about Dreka looking for a and the havoc he rained down upon the them.

"And the people here?" She was quiet

"They all fought, with the wolves, it's hard fight a dragon, and soldiers, the time without another dragon."

I woke up on the couch as the fire was dying with wool over me. Everyone was asleep as I put more wood on the fire, stoked the coals, and went back to sleep. I wasn't sure what was real and what wasn't but I needed to talk Ama about traveling without the mist.
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take me part 587.....edited
Posted:Jan 17, 2022 7:17 pm
Last Updated:Jan 17, 2022 10:33 pm

I looked around as I got up. I wasn't in Iceland, that was for sure. There was nothing but rocks and sand as far I could see, but this place seemed familiar. I looked for mountains but didn't see any. I could feel the thump of hooves. I reached for my sword, but it wasn't there, nor were my axes. I reached for my knives, none, but the thump grew louder. I looked around but there was no where I could run to, no where I could hide. I tried to shift into the dragon, nothing. The bear, nothing. I tried to shift into a cheetah, on a lark, nothing, but the thumping got louder. I picked up two rocks and waited for my fate. I should have thought about the girls, my , my unborn , and all of the other numerous things we take for granted... but I didn't. I wondered if these were the best rocks as the horses rode up and circled me. I looked around and they all had bows so I was dead, regardless. I dropped the rocks and looked at them as they spoke to me in a language i didn't know yet, but I listened.

There were two in charge, brothers, and they were discussing me,I assumed, as I started to understand. "He's a coward. Look at him, he dropped his rocks as soon as he saw us. We should him and leave him for the jackals and the birds." His brother stared him.

"He's no coward and you would learn that if you fought him, even if he had rocks. I'd likely not have a brother, brother. He's surrounded and we all have bows. How do you fight that with rocks? Why? He is waiting to see what we do" The older brother got off his and took his water bag as he walked up to , unafraid. I didn't move. He handed the water as I nodded and drank.

"Can you understand ? Do you know our language?" I was going to shrug but I didn't, I drank instead and handed him back the skin.

"I can understand enough. I am Druk and I don't want to hurt you, or your people." He laughed as he reached his arm and I took it.

"That is good, Druk. My brother thinks you are a coward. I think you are wise man. A warrior of a kind I have never met. I, for one, would not want to fight you even if all you were rocks, especially not then. Walk with me Druk. I am Dreka, and these are my lands as simple as they are." We walked past the circle of horses. "Give him your food bag rider." The rider handed me his food. "Why are you here Druk?" I reached inside the bag because I suddenly realized I was famished and grabbed dried meat and some bread. I looked at him before I ate.

" not sure Dreka. This might be a dream as I took a bite of meat and Dreka cut my arm with his knife as I growled.

"Do they bleed in dreams where you come from, Druk?" I wiped the blood on my finger and tasted it. "Eat Druk, we have many miles for you to walk unless you want to be tied on a horses' ass." I growled again. "I didn't think so. Eat and drink my new friend, and fear not because you have the Khan's protection. I am intrigued by you because you understood our language so quickly. You will be safe...I give my word and when we get back to camp you will be treated as a guest and we can truly talk." I nodded as I ate and we began to walk to their camp.

I opened my eyes as they were shaking me. " cold." Thankfully I wore my cloak. Sara and Chloe helped .

"You're worse than Haagerstadt when it comes to getting into trouble. Why we keep either of you around is beyond me. Jake, you and Em run to the house and put wood on the fire and water on for tea." They told their ma ok as they ran off. Ama was staring at me but didn't say anything. We walked inside as Haag was finishing his second dessert.

"You're a marvel, Haag." He laughed as we walked to the couch. " fine, but thank you."

Sara said, "Then why were you lying unconscious in the driveway when it's degrees outside? You need a keeper."

"I didn't plan to pass to out, sweets. I was talking with Gaia, she left and I passed out and was having the weirdest dream." Ama asked about it so I told them because it seemed real. Silence as they looked each other.

"What happened?"

"I don't know because you woke up but he said was Dreka and was the Khan, and we were going to his camp." Ama walked outside to the ridge as I drank butter tea.
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take me part 586...edited?
Posted:Jan 17, 2022 5:07 pm
Last Updated:Jan 18, 2022 11:13 am

Even with a cracked rib Haagerstadt was stronger than . We walked in as dinner was being served. It was bittersweet because we always seemed to have something looming over us, or ahead of us, and this time it was all of the people I loved. I needed to talk with Ama later, and maybe Dreka, but for now I was going to enjoy my familly. Emily and Annika walked up smiling and hugged me like they didn't have a care in the world. They wrapped their arms and staked their places on either side of as everyone else smiled. Haag sat at his end of the table, as usual, and the other end was Ama's. The girls, and Jake brought the lamb, potato's, greens, and not even sure what else. There was some cranberry and walnut thing, and the dark rye bread that I liked, and mead. Ama made a heaping plate for Haag that we all stared at.

"It's nice to know that a cracked rib doesn't affect your appetite, Haag. No wonder Ama is buying all these animals." He stuck a fork full of lamb into his mouth as everyone laughed. Why couldn't people just leave us alone. We didn't want to hurt anyone but I knew, without a doubt, that I was going to be hurting people in the not too distant future, but it wasn't now... now we were sharing a wonderful meal as a family.

"Dad, what is Akvavit?" Ama and Haag stared at me.

"It's something you should never drink," Haag nodded. Ama said,

"It's something our forebearer's made to help with the winter's, and the cold, and probably each other. It's hard alcohol from potato's or grain with herbs. I have some but your Da' is right because it's intense. I keep it for certain celebrations." Ama looked at me and smiled. " guessing your Da' had some.

"Bethany had some. Why do you think I fell into the door?" They all laughed and Sara and Chloe said because a klutz and have no clue how use the mist. We spent the next hour eating, laughing, and being a family. I got up and started to take plates to the kitchen and motioned for them to enjoy the fire. They smiled and walked to the couch and chairs as I cleaned the table. Ama tried to help.

"Go be with Klaara, Anna, and Haag, there isn't much time before we have to leave. We can talk later, or tomorrow." She smiled and kissed my cheek as Jake walked up.

"Henry taught me about doing dishes." We both laughed and nodded. "Are you OK with Em and I staying here? Ama and Haag can use the help and Em has been accepted to the University in the fall but she can start to do classes online and they'll be accepted them. She wants to be a Doc and is smart enough for it. Visiting Norway is a few hours so we can see Christine and Bethany, and everyone there, and we can visit you in Japan." I nodded.

", I would rather we all lived in houses on a big piece of property, like your mom, but life doesn't work like that and what I want doesn't matter because it's your lives. However, I do want you both to come to Denver and see everyone.... Sam and Maggie's rugrats are missing you, sure." He nodded. "I love this place, Jake, so I can understand why you'd want to stay, and you can visit anytime you want, just Aunt Tina, or get anyone other than to show you how to use the mist." He laughed as we cleaned and washed like we did Henry's. Jake went and scrunched between Emily and Annika on the couch as Haag told them tales about Vikings. I hung up the towels, grabbed my cloak, and walked outside to a fox staring .

"Are you stalking , Gaia?' She laughed as we walked. How are you with not taking over Dreka's role?" I stared her.

"Why is everyone so focused on that? I was kinda looking forward to learning things but I've been doing OK through trial and error. My parents taught that there is no such thing as a mistake, that it's just something that didn't work and you can take it off of the list. I never wanted to be Dreka. I want to keep my family safe."

"Most humans would choose power, and riches, Danael, and Dreka has both."

"Can he teach me how to walk of the mist without falling, skidding, or rolling?" She laughed again, which was endearing because watching a fox laughing is priceless. " not Marnine, Gaia, I don't care about his power, or wealth, other than to wonder why he doesn't use it to help people. I have access to a cave that has gold in it that I could take at my leisure, and I have sirens as friends, and Elisabeth, but I would be perfectly content in Denver building caskets, or here building a stone cottage, or Japan learning how to make swords, or in the past figuring out how to make a waterwheel. All of you seem to think I have these grand ambitions, I don't. There are things I'd like to do, but I was raised to be simple, to be humble, thankful, and to give. I had good parents, and I attention. I have too many things to do instead of wondering about Dreka." Gaia was quiet as we walked up the driveway in the half moon's light.

"So, you released the other Elves." She kept walking as I looked at her.

"I did, because it wasn't right for them to watch their sister, their friend, be happy on land, but also in the sea. It hurt my heart, Gaia, and my heart hurts enough." She was silent for a bit. "And what happens when all the others realize what you have done? I don't doubt that there good Elves....Karin is lovely, loving, but they aren't all like that. Do you think they will be safe in the oceans again, or Elisabeth?" We bound them to the sea for a reason Danael, they had too much power, and too much greed."

"And how long ago was this, Gaia?"

"A very long time, Dragon...before your time."

"How long do we for the sins of ancestors?" There is never salvation, or redemption? It's Sirens....Elves. We'll work with them but I suspect they will be more interested on being able to walk. I have some ideas, and since not bound by Dreka locking us down to certain places, I can work with them. creating alliances for a reason I don't understand Gaia."

"You don't understand what the Elves turned into. Marnine was nice compared to them at their worst. The rot starts at the top, and Elves live for millennia, be careful Dragon." She nipped my boot, and ran off as I looked at the and passed .
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take me part 585...edited.... AGAIN!
Posted:Jan 16, 2022 10:45 pm
Last Updated:Jan 17, 2022 8:11 pm

Anna bit , hard, before staring . "You are aren't going to leave us?" I stared back her because I was shocked, but I hadn't lived her life. I hadn't lived any of their lives. It was freeing to not be the Dragon, even though I was Druk..and a dragon. I was better much suited to that and it wasn't like I was going on a vacation anytime soon.


"Sorry, sweets. tired." She jumped down, punched , and stormed off as Chloe and Sara walked up smiling. Sara said,

" on the bright side, you'll be an old' hand this when the wee ones come, and grow into monsters." We all laughed because she was right. I asked how long until dinner?

"Can you show me how to use the mist inside?" They both stared as Sara walked off shaking her head.

"Why is this so hard for you given everything you can do? Seriously, Daniel, because it's not that hard. You just tighten the circle to fit the space." I stared at her. 'Oh, Jesus Christ, where do you want to go?" I told her Bethany's. She opened the mist and pushed inside. I walked though and rolled down the alley in Norway. I stood and the same cat from before was staring at me so I was pretty sure Gaia was playing with me. I wasn't sure how to get into Bethany's. I knew I could, but I wanted it easy....inconspicuous.... and someone walked of the building. They had a since the construction. I walked in and was still stuck because I needed a in the elevator, at least I wasn't stuck. I didn't have my phone but there was a building phone. They were moving along. I dialed Bethany's apartment .


"Can you come and get me, and you better have brandy." She laughed and said she'd be right down. Bethany walked and hugged as she took upstairs. "Why is it so complicated to get in?"

"Construction, we don't want people just walking in." She laughed and handed a . "Don't lose it, and why are you here?" I told her. "Seriously?" I nodded.

"Pretty much everything is happening but I wanted to check on Grandma." She kissed , and smiled.

"You don't need to worry, love. She is our family, as are all the people here. How are Christine and Emily? I stared her and then told her what else was going on. She punched and walked into the kitchen and came back with a bottle of Akvavit. She poured and we drank. It was so not going to be a good night. I drank it and looked her.

"What? You brought us here." She had a point and it was amazing that potato's could make such a potent alcohol. Shit, I needed Emily.

"Can I borrow your phone?"


"Yeah, I need you to ad something to the list of things you are searching. Akvavit, it's an alcohol....."

"Are you coming back?" I stopped.

"Of course love, with Bethany and letting her know what's going on.


' here. Christine? Daniel is coming back soon, but he was checking on things here. It's fine here but guessing we'll need to to talk." Christine was silent. "I'll take that as a yes. Daniel will be back as soon as we are done. It won't be long. I love you all." I shook my head and asked what she gave . She laughed.

"How do you do it?" She poured us shots as she showed what we were doing with the buidings.

"Does Annie know about this?" She nodded. "OK, then, but that stuff is dangerous." She nodded as I tried to open the mist. Bethany finally got tired, opened it, and pushed through. I bumped into a closed door as I stood and Haag slapped on the back as he walked in.

"I forgot my pipe. Tis gunna be a grand meal.....lamb. I nodded as I followed.
take me part 584...was
Posted:Jan 16, 2022 10:44 pm
Last Updated:Jan 17, 2022 11:41 am

I was losing track of the balls but the was still groing. I stood up without getting pounced on as Annie and Taiiko walked up. I looked at them. "How did you get here?"

"Sara showed us how to use the mist, and we needed to be here."

"Do you roll out?" They looked at me, laughed, and walked away as they motioned for me to follow them. What the . "How is everyone?"

"They're fine, love, don't worry. We explained what was going on. Once we meet the people we need meet, and see family, Sara and I are going back in time. We're all going be busy, mister." I nodded.

"How's Lisbeth?"

"We haven't seen them, but...." they pointed the strait and Karin's friends."

"Can you stay here help them?" They nodded. "Show me where they are, please." They took me to Elisabeth's room and I pounded because I had other places to go. Lisbeth opened the door and jumped on me, naked. "Both of you get dressed and meet me outside in five minutes." I walked back outside as Annie and Taiiko looked at me.

"What are you doing?"

"Something either really smart, or really stupid. We're going to need clothes and places for eleven people to stay." Annie walked off because she was use to dealing with these types of sudden things, and they were related through Ama. Karin and Elisabeth walked up and stared at me.

"How do you like your legs?" Karin smiled and said a lot. "Good, because both of you are going to be busy. Follow me." I walked back to the straight where Karin's friends where waiting, and looking at us. It hurt my heart. "You both learn how focus on other people, care for other people, think about other people. Yeah?" They nodded. I knelt down as they all stared at me, and Karin. "Hold hands." They did as I took the hand of the first in line, put my hand on the ground, pulled from both Dreka and Gaia, even though I didn't think I needed too, and pushed as the seas churned and I let go. was easier for them because they were already using their legs. wasn't fair, or nice, for them watch Karin and I wanted an alliance. Annie walked up the women from the town with blankets, and robes. "Well, come on, get out and start using your legs again." I was sure Ama would be pissed but it was unkind for them to just watch Karin.

"Come sisters." Karin and Lisbeth reached for them and helped them out as the town came out. "Come, it's safe. These are good humans." They climbed onto the shore, probably for the first time ever, and stumbled as we all helped them learn to walk. What was amazing were the numbers of people running down to help them. I helped the last of one out of the water as she fell into me as Annie walked up with a blanket.

"You are Karin's friend, the dragon?" I nodded. She hugged me. "Please release all of us." Annie looked at me as they took them into town to get warm and start to figure things out. Taiiko hugged me.

"You a kind spirit, Dragon. It's why the forest likes you. We'll deal with them, get them settled and come Ama's." I nodded. "'ll be nice all of you with us. I know grandfather will be happy see you." I nodded. "We'll see you soon, love." I opened the mist and fell into Ama's front door, which they opened, annd I fell inside. Sara stared me.

"Why is this so hard?" I got up and walked over to Emily.

" you been through the mist?" She nodded. "Do you fall?" She shook her head as she smiled. "Stumble?" She said no. Crap. "I need you go the Youtube and find the song Starting Over." She nodded as Sara walked up. " Aya and put on speaker." I called Annie. "Are you all together?" She said yes. "Put your phone on speaker. Emily clicked on Starting Over, by Chris Stapleton. Haag walked in because of dinner and the song came on as I looked at them. You could hear a pin a drop as the song played.

"Play again, Em." She did. Can you all here hear me? They all said yes. We are heading for the bumpy patch but if we stick together we can get through this. None of us are going to like but we need do . We a time see people we love, and miss. 's not what I want, but what I want doesn't matter. If we stay together then we can weather anything. If we splinter then we die. We'll see you soon." They said goodbye through tears as Anna ran at me, and leapt.
take me part 583...edited
Posted:Jan 16, 2022 10:43 pm
Last Updated:Jan 17, 2022 3:07 pm

Jake and I took wood to Haagerstadt, and he threw the lamp at Jake too, who caught it and laughed. I was actually glad Emily and Jake were staying here because they all loved each other and Ama could use the help, but I wanted them to have the choice. Chloe would probably disagree, but she's a mom. I was not getting out of this without getting hit numerous times, I just wasn't, which I understood. I didn't like it either. We gave Haag his mead and told him we'd see him at dinner as Jake and I walked outside laughing to Chloe staring at us. She stared at both of us and we didn't say a word. She walked up to jake and kissed him, slapped me across the face, and walked off as Jake stared at me.

"Did that hurt?" I looked at him, astounded.

"What do you think?"

"Why do they hit, and bite you, Da?" Em and I talk about this and we can't understand it." We took the cart to the barn to clean the stalls and then feed the animals.

"Mostly because they can, . We don't have easy lives. They usually punch me in the chest when they're mad at me, or really upset. They slap me, or bite me, when they are scared or things are too much to process. It's not going to be an easy thing for your Ma to be away from you, but it never was because you're adults. It's just harder now because of your sister."

"Is Anna really going to be like Dreka?"

"I don't know, maybe in time, but now we need to temper her anger, and hone it, so she stops trying to throw me and Haag through walls." He laughed as we walked to the barn. "Can you deal with the barn?" He nodded. "Good. I'll be back but I needed to go to Norway. Thank God for the mist. I opened it and rolled into the barn as Drakon barked at me. There was no one there. Shit! I walked outside and heard the laughter and smiled. It was the Saturday gathering and they were being a family. I let the dogs out and they all attacked me before they went running outside to the fire, and their people, as I followed and watched. The dogs piled on everyone and no one was immune from licking. Jacob looked up, confused, and saw me, smiled and waved as Aya and Gerel walked up. They both kissed and hugged me.

"How's your brother?"

"He's out of surgery. They rebuilt his ankles and shins. It'll take at least a year of physical therapy, maybe longer, before he can walk normally but the surgeon was hopeful."

"Good, it'll give him time to think." She nodded. "Walk with me because we need to talk and it won't be an easy conversation but we have little time." We walked because if they were going to go ballistic then I'd rather it happened away from everyone as they were unwinding. Aya looked me.

"What Daniel?" I told them about Annika, and Dreka, and what he told me about people looking for them. They'd all experienced it, recently, but they were also stubborn as hell. If I could get all of them in one place so we could deal with whatever it , it would be a blessing from Gaia.

"I won't leave my brother, Daniel!" She glared at me. I shook my head, without shaking my head. "I don't want to leave our home." She looked at Aya.

"Annie and Tina have found a similar rehab center in Osaka. We can send him there when he's stable. They are the same level care, they just don't know us, but you can't stay here. I'm not sure if Aydar is involved in something greater, or he just wanted power, but the threat that Dreka mentioned doesn't involve you, it involves Aya, and my job is to protect her and our . Period." They stared at me and Gerel waked off.

"Give her time, love. She doesn't like that I love you too. I wasn't going to get pregnant by someone I didn't love. It'll take time and all of the rest doesn't help. The place in Osaka is the same level of care?" I nodded. "Everyone is going there?"

"Everyone pregnant, and Annika and Klaara, assuming I can pull that off." She laughed as she hugged me and laughed again..

"Why do they want us?"

"I'm not sure, exactly, but I think they want the babies, and Annika. I have no idea who they are. I thought the attacks on Annie and the girls, and then on you, were specific, targeted, but I'm not sure any longer. I need to talk with my friends Deats, and Javier, and check in with them and their sources. They haven't said anything so I haven't been worried. Dreka is concerned about Annika, and all of you, and he will lock us down in Japan. We have maybe a month and a lot of places to go. How important is the ceremony...." She stared at me. "OK, dumb question. How large does it have to be?"

"I'll call my mom. My parents will be fine but maybe not my grandparents." Gerel walked back up and punched me in the chest as Aya pushed her away. "Stop."

"I want Annie's number." I found it and showed her my phone. She called and walked off. Aya looked at me and smiled.

"You get hit a lot, don't know?" I nodded. She kissed me.

"Are you OK here, for now?" She nodded.

"We actually love it here but we've never been to Japan."

"Don't leave here without Kana....promise me, goofball too." She smiled and nodded. Gerel walked up and kissed me.

"I'm sorry I hit you. I spoke with with Annie and I'm OK with going to Osaka, and she bit my shoulder before they both laughed.

"Go back and enjoy the party. I wish I could be there with you but I have too many places to be." They kissed me and nodded as I opened the mist, walked through, and rolled on to Gotland, and nothing.
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take me part 582....I'm amazed how they mangle these. Will edit later.
Posted:Jan 16, 2022 10:42 pm
Last Updated:Jan 17, 2022 2:59 pm

I stood, after rolling, and started to walk toward the house as Ama and Sara walked out. They pointed to the ridge and I met them as we walked up and sat. They both stared me, concerned. "What?"

"You aren't Dreka's successor. Annika is. You aren't the next Dragon." I shook my head because I too many things to think about and do. "Are you OK with that, love?"

"Honestly, I'd rather build caskets, or figure out how to make a waterwheel in the past. I don't care and why everyone thinks I do is beyond me, and making me annoyed. All I know is that Annika needs our help, my help, because I'm the one strong enough, isn't pregnant, stop her when she needs to be stopped. I don't to be Dreka....never did, but we limited time until we are locked down at Oasaka until Anna gets older and the babies are born. We need go back Denver, and Halifax and see the the people we love. 's been too long already and 's going be longer. Chloe wearing wool when we talked here earlier, and I'm guessing all of you will before too long. Dreka said wouldn't be long before they knew about Annika....all of you. I'm not interested in they are at the moment but I am interested in keeping you safe. No one's going like what we do but since when did any of out people like what we had do. I need talk with Haag. I kissed Sara and hugged Ama as I walked down the ridge.

I knocked walked into Haagerstadt's cottage. He sitting by the fire. "You let a break a rib?" He growled and threw a lamp at me. I laughed as I caught it and set it back down. I hugged him. "She threw me around pretty good too, even as the dragon." He stared at me as I nodded.

"I love her and Klaara but they can't stay here because she needs training." I nodded and told him what Dreka told me. "Everyone?"

"I don't think so Annika and the ones pregnant because I can't be everywhere at once. I think Jake and Emily will stay here.Let me say that again, I don't think Jake and Emily would leave here, especially since you're hurt. I think we a month, at best. I need talk with Ama later. is a lot do, in many places, and not much time. Things aren't working out out the way I thought they would, Haag." I touched his shoulder.

"This is Iceland, Danael, things never worked out without effort." I nodded and stood.

"I'll bring you wood. Don't you need anything else?" He said mead as we laughed. I nodded. Ama is making lamb for dinner. I'll bring you some, brother." He shook his head.

"I can walk but the wood and mead would be helpful." I nodded as I walked outside and went to find Jake and Emily as Klaara walked up and slapped me.

"What that?"

"Can we walk? I too much to do. Annika is going to become the first female to lead the Dragons in thousands of years, since before Dreka, the large dragon you attacked. are things that are going change and neither of you will like them in the beginning. We need take you both, and the girls, Japan keep you safe and teach Anna how control herself and harness her power and abilities." She stared at me. "It either that, Tibet, or the sixteenth century."

"How can my Annika be this new dragon?"

"I no idea Klaara but she's almost stronger than any of us. I didn't think you would stay with Dreka. Yoshi and Taiiko can train her, and we can still be a family, mostly. We won't be able leave for some time because people will be for her, and the babies. Japan is the safest, modern place, we . 's different than here but also similar.

"She won't go..."

" is no debate on this Klaara except that you go Japan, or you go Tibet, and Dreka. Japan is far more preferable . I don't know why 's Annika just like I'm sure the parents of the destined be the next Dalai Lama understand. The thin I can do Is take you a place where you can speak with Gaia, if you ." She nodded, punched me in the chest, and walked off. Crap. I went find Jake and Em. I walked in the backyard as Jake chopping the last of the wood and Emily stacking. They made a good couple. I sad because the stone cottage would wait. They both smiled when the saw me. I pulled the cart up.

"Finish what you're doing and then we need tal" I sat down, took my notebook and pen out, and started writing things I needed information on. Jake helped Em finish stacking and they sat down. I tore out the pages of the information I needed and handed it to Emily.

"I need your help, both of you. Em, I need information on all of these but it has to be printed out. You can do it way faster than I can, and I more than I can do already. I need diagrams, step by step directions, How-'s....everything. If Ama doesn't enough paper or ink then order some, or get in town. Think about as if you were learning these things for the first time." She looked at the lists.

"Knife making, adobe, water wheel, barrels.... brewing. Ship building?" She stared at me. "Da, you lost your mind? This will take reams of paper.

"If you can find books that show how do these things then I am fine with that as well." She looked as me as smiled and shook her head. "Things are going be changing in a major way, Loves, and quickly. We are taking Anna Japan along with everyone is pregnant as I looked at Jake. I'm not sure they are yet, but 'people' are for your moms, and will be for Anna. We can keep them safe at Yoshi's, and 's way more convenient get than Tibet, or the sixteenth century." They laughed. "I figured you would rather stay here, or go back Denver. You are welcome come with us, and are many reasons you should consider , because you can learn a lot . We all can. I haven't talked with Chloe yet but I'm sure she knows. Its not what I . I all of us living in multiple houses on the land but my job is keep them safe, and this keeps them safe." Jake nodded.

"Can we visit if we don't go?" I nodded. Jake looked at me, and at Emily.

"Dad, Ama shifting all of this land, and getting animals, and needs be new fencing, and buildings... and Haag can't do all of that." I smiled because I proud. We'll talk about my gut says that we stay here."

"Mine too, Da, because Ama needs help too if Klaara and Anna are leaving, and I'm working with her at the cave. We'll talk with Ama, Sara, and Chloe, and I'll find this information for you but don't count on us going to Japan with you." I nodded and hugged them both.

"Please help Ama with dinner, Em." She smiled and nodded. "Jake, can you grab some mead, two bottles, and then help me load wood for Haag." He nodded. I wasn't sure what I did in my past lives, at least not most of them, but I must done OK the family I had.
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FUCK!!! Chloe and I walked in as Ama and Annika were cleaning up after breakfast. I looked at Jake. I need your...never mind because all I can do is check email, and text, sometimes. I need Youtube, and Chis Stapleton singing Tennessee Whisky. It's too early but I could use it. Please put it through your speaker gizmo." Jake looked at me, smiled, and nodded as Emily laughed because we use to play music in Denver. They put it on and Annika turned and glared at me. SHIT! We all needed to have a talk, and I was going to get hurt. I meant the song as I took it, that I loved her, but a thirteen year old didn't take it like that, she thought I was going to leave her which I didn't understand but she was thirteen and she nearly pushed me through a log wall. I was kinda options.

"YOU HATE ME!" as the song kept playing. It wasn't what I meant..."

'WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?" I walked up to her as she exploded at me. I was waiting for it and shifted into the dragon as we went to Dreka's cave. Annika was suddenly introduced to some of things I could do, and was sacred because she didn't understand. We walked through the cave.

"How are we here, and why you didn't you get hurt?" I looked at her and pinched. I did it again, and again, and again. She tried to stopped me like she had but it didn't work. She stared at me.


"Turn around." She did and passed out as she saw Dreka. He looked at me as his helpers took her to be comfortable. He stared at me.

"You know what she is?" I nodded. "You are turning this world upside down, Danael...." I looked at him and nodded, and said, "She's not my blood, Dreka," He stared at me and it started to sink in. Annika opened her eyes. She was mad at me but she saw Dreka, because he was larger, and she reacted. It was like sticking your tongue on a frozen lamp post, or touching a hot stove.... some things you just know.

Annika was suspended above us, fine...unhurt... and Dreka brought everyone to his cave. They were all scared, and looked around but Klaara walked up to him, as we watched. "Let my go!" He huffed and all of them shifted and attacked him at once with Klaara climbing the fastest. Dreka laughed and put them all back where they were, madder than before as Annika was still suspended in front of us. I looked at them because I knew what he was doing, trying to do. I put my hands up and she fell into my arms as everyone was in shock. Annika stared at me, confused which she needed to be now. She hugged me because I saved her in her mind. I sent her to her moms as Dreka sent them home. He looked at me, and I nodded.

The girls were gone and I stood in front of Dreka. "You are Druk, but you aren't the Dragon my friend." I nodded.

"Can her mother come with her, she'll have to Dreka because what you stopped won't be the half of it because they are our family, and we will fight you. I will fight you even if I die. She is my ." He looked at me and smiled.

"I will let her train, and learn, in Japan. You train her, all of you, since she is your .You keep the women you love, and their , there....all of them for a time, only you can be where you need to be around the world, Druk. Finish tying your lose ends. They will know about her sooner rather than later and they will be looking for all of them, make your connections, meet your friends and then take them to Yoshi. The only places that are safe, for now at least, are Japan, Tibet, and the past. Once she learns control it'll be different but your job is to keep them safe and you can't do that when they wandering like cats." I looked at him. "Fix what you have to before I shift things and your life is locked." I nodded and he pushed me back to Iceland as I rolled down the driveway toward the women I loved. I didn't know how long I rolled, but it didn't mattered because I knew my place, and what I needed to do. They wouldn't like it, but they would do it. Shit!
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I just walked to Ama's because I was pretty much annoyed at everyone. I walked onto the ridge overlooking the house and Chloe was sitting there, wrapped in wool, looking at me and smiling. "Hey mister."

"You too?' She nodded as she opened her arms and I sat next to her.

"Our lives aren't normal, love. How's Elisabeth?" I told her about things, and what I was going to do...

"Karin? You let her walk, and be with Elisabeth." She got up and walked back to the house. Crap. I looked to the west and thought about going back in time to the night I met Sara, smiled, and wondered how everyone in Denver was as I walked to the house. I walked in and Ama was making french toast as I was stuck in the doorway.

"You seemed shocked to see me in my own kitchen making breakfast for the people I love. Come in and close the door because it's still cold out. Since you're here, we need more wood, and other things done, since Haagerstadt is mending. He'll be fine because a broken rib won't slow Haag down for long."

"Jake, Emily, bring in more wood, and chop more if we need. Annika, get your coat and gloves because we're going for a walk. The girls walked toward me and I looked at them. "Now Annika, I won't ask again." She put her heavy coat on and grabbed her gloves as she walked out smiling. We walked down the driveway as the girls came out and watched us.

"You hurt Haag?'' She looked at me, with tears.

"I didn't mean it Da"

"Why did it happen?" We walked to a tree that I was sadly going to sacrifice. I could feel them following us, watching.

"I was mad."

"At Haag?" She looked me. "Be honest, love."

"I was mad, Da. It's hard to control sometimes. I focus on Haag because he is the strongest. and I don't know what else to do. I changed my plan of burning a tree next to her, and freezing the ground at her feet, to talk about power and responsibility. She was a scared who didn't know what was happening.

"Follow me." I took Anna's hand and walked to the ridge as we passed the girls. "Follow me, too. I want you to push everything you can into that ridge." She stared at me but didn't so I pinched her, and kept pinching until she glanced at me and sent me end over end as everyone gasped including Anna. I walked up and pinched her hard as I shifted into the bear. She screamed and slid me back twenty feet. I walked up to her, shifted into the dragon and roared as I spit on her. Anna growled and glared at me as I snarled and bit, at her and she sent me to the ridge. Everyone was stunned as I shifted and I walked back as Anna ran to me crying jumped on me, and bit me hard. I carried her inside so we could have french toast. Everyone saw what she did as they followed us inside and I set her down at the table.

"I'm sorry Da!"

"Why, love? Eat your french toast." I could feel EVERYONE watching me again because they were all pregnant

"I hurt you." Ama made all of us sit down and served french toast and bacon, which they all started eating, even me.

"Have breakfast, sweets. You can talk with food in your mouth this one time." I kissed her and Klaara kissed her as Jake and Emily threw pieces of bacon on her plate.

"Eat, goofball. It's french toast and bacon," and we were fine again until afterward. Ama looked at me and I nodded. We ate as all family's did, but the adults were wondering about things. I didn't need this, but I had this, and she was strong...and almost thirteen. Great. We finished our french toast as Annika and I walked outside.

"What makes you angry, sweets?"

"I dunno."

"Why did you hurt Haag, or send me rolling?"

"Because you made me mad."

"Why?" she screamed at me and said she didn't know as she pushed me and made tracks in the ground as I slid. I exhaled and sent the energy into Gaia as she ran at me and pounced

"You didn't fall."

"No love, I didn't fall. Go inside with your Ma and help Ama." She kissed me as she walked inside. She turned, smiled, and waved. I smiled and waved and then fell as the door closed behind her. Shit. Chloe slid next to me.

"Are you OK?" I nodded as I started to get up.

"I'm fine, but we all have things to talk about because she can't stay here, as much as they may want to. We need to talk with Yoshi and Taiiko." She stared at me. "What? Did you see what she did to me?" I turned and pointed. "Fifteen feet, maybe farther. She pushed me like I was nothing. You and Sara are pregnant. Would want to take that chance?" She stared at me. I think I know where she needs to go, but no one will like it, especially not Klaara. Chloe stared at me.

"No." Times change, Love.
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I sniffed and open my eyes, adjusting to the darkness of the cave and the grey starting to build in the east. "Walk with me bear." Gaia walked outside and headed to the ocean as I stretched and lumbered after her, and yawned because I was still tired and had a lot to do in many places. We walked in silence for a long time, which was fine with me because I liked the smells here. I needed to ask Ama if I could build a cottage here because I would be happy to have a place, like my cave, that I could stay in when I wasn't the bear. A place to read, and think, and ponder. I had a lot I needed to ponder.

"You, Jake, and Emily can start building a cottage here if you like. It's a wise choice given the past and your ambitions." I stared at her. I was losing my sense of propriety with both her and Ama and I stopped walking, and sat, which bears don't do all that often. Gaia walked up and sat too. "What, Bear?"

"Ama said that I was becoming arrogant, and then you make a somewhat snide comment about 'my' ambitions. Why, Gaia?" She stared at me.

"Your power, and abilities, are growing faster than even Sara's and you decide to do things without seeking counsel..."

"With you, and Ama?"

"... yes, but we have been around for far longer, Danael and..."

"And what Gaia? I mean neither of you disrespect but I have not gotten a lot of advice....from any of you. since my life changed. I don't doubt that you were helping me, all of us, but I have been mostly left to figure things out on my own. Marnine gives me insight, and now you both are criticizing me because I am learning my way and doing what I feel is right. I'm the farthest thing from arrogant, but choices need to be made, and I am learning things quickly, and sense things, and know others. Who else will do it?" Silence. I got up and walked over the top her because I was pissed. I knew I would pay a price but I was annoyed. Gaia touched my left leg as I passed and flung me a hundred yards into the ocean. I landed with a large splash and swam back to shore, walked out, shook, shifted, and laughed.

"At least I don't need to take a shower." She shook her head, turned, and kept walking. "What?'

"The reason we've let you deal with things..."


"... things, alone, was to see how you would handle them."

"And Sara?"

"Sara is different. A lot, most, of the things that she needs to do in the future she doesn't know. You've been a Dragon, off and on, for a very long time even though this Dragon is young. The things Sara needs to do she needs help with, guidance. You need to figure out how to stop falling out of the mist." We both laughed. "It's true that we haven't guided you much but there is only so much guidance we are allowed to offer. Dreka wanted to be sure, and Joseph aids him so is bound to his wishes."

"You are beginning to do things that we would have done, that was why Ama said you were getting arrogant."

"Like what Gaia? Like making an alliance with the wolves? Like taking Marnine to you? Like keeping my family safe?" I was angry, again, and sat on the sand as Gaia lied in front of me. "How can I possibly be arrogant when I am barely able to keep all the balls in the air? The balls don't stop Gaia, but we've done OK so far. Do I doubt that you had a plan in that, no, of course not, but doing what I have to do because something is presented to me is not arrogance. It's life." I stood and kept walking, loving that it was getting greyer and dawn was coming because I missed my family.

"And the monks, and Aydar, and now Karin, and soon her friends. What of that?" I was silent as I walked.

"It hurt my heart to end those monks, but they were too powerful to let them live. I lived there so who else, Gaia? Would you have killed them....Dreka? They came after my family, as did Aydar and, frankly, the only reason he is alive is because of the girls. They wanted me to keep them safe and didn't want me to kill him if I didn't have to. Aisha and I got shot in St. Petersburg doing the same thing because of that in case you have forgotten."

"I haven't forgotten, Dragon."

"I think my actions have been sound, and right, even with Karin and her friends..."

"... the Elves in your stories are not the Elves that were banished to the seas and you are giving twelve of them access to the land once again."

"How long ago were they banished?"

"Before modern times."

"And they are the same Elves, they don't reproduce together, like us?" Gaia was silent. "Karin said that she was forgetting how to use her legs..... that's wrong Gaia. Period. I wanted to release all of her friends, but I just released their legs out of respect to you and Ama. Everything I have done is counterintuitive, but that's who I am, apparently. I have more pregnant women in my life then is sane, and I will likely have more before things shift. I have a family in two different times, and that will probably change. I died saving someone who's descendant I married. I made alliances with wolves throughout time...and I'm a fucking dragon."

I understand the threat, but I also love Karin, and she loves me. I don't know why. Times change Gaia. It's not right that they are kept like that. I will make an alliance with them, through Karin, and Lisbeth, and trade for the riches under the oceans while I ponder how to deal with this.... unless you and Dreka want to help me. If you can give me any idea's on how to get art work, and manuscripts, out of cave that can only be accessed under the water, I would appreciate it, same thing with dealing with Annika."

We were back at my cave. "Find out what cave Karin is speaking about and I'll get them out but the rest is up to you. I agree about saving things that should be saved. If you want the gold then you need get it. Dreka and I are curious how you handle Karin and we'll go from there, same with Annika. We will keep you from going off the rails. They don't know it yet, but they waiting to have breakfast with you, Danael," and the fox was gone. I walked home as dawn was breaking.
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I rolled on to Gotland as Elisabeth, ''lisbeth' pounced on me as her Da, which was a start. I squeezed her tight and kissed her cheek as we got up. Stay here and I'll be right back. " She looked at me. "Trust me love, if you can't trust your Da, then what the fuck." She laughed, and nodded. "I'll be right back." I walked up to Karin who was looking me." She popped up to be kissed, which I did, because she was cute..

"I need to amend our last trade." She growled and the water started to boil. "Stop, and listen to me because it'll be a good a trade, I think." She stared at me.


"Before I tell you I'd like to know what happens if you aren't in the ocean?" Karin stared at me and looked away. A terrible choice. We either live free in the ocean, or bound to the land. What if I can give you a third option, Karin? Would that be of value to you?" She jumped and dove, and jumped higher before she splashed me.

"What's your trade, dragon?"

"Am I wrong in thinking that you are in love with ''lisbeth?" She submerged and came up with red coral. "Did you pick that?"

"No, it's lying on the bottom I started noticing things because of you. Are you toying with me?" Karin started to cry. Jesus Christ.

"No, I'm trying to work it out, and I think I can..."

"No you can't, Danael. I either choose one or the other. It's our curse." I nodded.

"Will you give you me a minute?" She nodded. "How many close friends do you have?'

'Eleven, why?" I didn't tell her because she wouldn't believe me." Do they want walk to on land as well." Karin stared at me. She nodded. What if you could be in the sea, and on the land?"

"Could we have with humans, and live as humans but teach our about the the oceans, like the olden times?" I looked a her and held up a finger for her to wait as i went to speak with Gaia.

"What are doing?" I made a deal with a Siren, and she fancy's Elisabeth and Elisabeth likes her, and needs that Love, and it's one less thing for me. BUT, I want to give her eleven friends, her 'Elven' friends, the same gift. I would release all of them from their bonds but I am bound to you as I am Dreka." Gaia howled as lightning struck close enough for me to feel it.

"Apparently not Dragon, but you may not know what you are dealing with. I am curious how you knew they were Elves, and how you plan to deal with eleven Elves who can walk?"

"I'm not sure Gaia, but I haven't been sure of anything since I met Sara."

"Dreka and I agree that your impulse with Elisabeth is important, and she needs someone she can love, but you would be unwise to release all of them at once. We are curious what you do Dragon." I opened my eyes as Elisabeth walked up and Karin looked at me. She hopped out and gave her the red coral as ''lisbeth leaned to kiss her. I could feel everyone watching me, from everywhere, because I wanted to let ALL of the Elves lose from their bonds. I wasn't sure I could, but I could Karin and go from there. Elisabeth looked at me. "I need you to go into town, Love, but not for long." She stared at me.

"You wanted to be my Da.

"You want me to drop you in the ocean again?" She shook her head." "Good, go back to town, now ." Elisabeth pounced on me, bit me, and walked back to town as Karin watched her. I wasn't sure if she mad, or happy.

"Please give me a hand. I promised you what you wanted, but I will not have sex with you because...."

"I did want that dragon but I am in love with your , and I think she loves me but we are only in the water and I want to be on the land with her also." I took her hand and placed my other hand on Gaia, and pushed into the sea through Karin as her friends watched. I hoped this worked. I wasn't sure only that it needed to. Karin looked at me, scared. "Why are you scared?

"I have never walked, and we are losing our memory of walking." I roared as I shifted and churned the oceans, all of them, and pulled from both Gaia and Dreka. I could feel them shake their heads because I was young and didn't realize her friends would shift too. I thought it would just be Karin. Crap. They all stared at me, unsure what to do.

"Can they feel their legs?" This created a whole other set of problems for me, but I wasn't going to be able to fix with that, now?"


"I can't bring them out now, but they'll begin to remember who they are and you will be able to help them. Yes?" Karin stared at me and said Aye!" I stared at her as I smiled,

"Give me your hand lass and step up, the rest of your friends will, too, in time, but not now. Step out of the water, love because someone is waiting to meet you in town." Karin did the unthinkable for a Siren and she walked out of her ocean in order to find the person she loved. She stared at me as she pounced, and bit me, because they always do that to me for some reason, but I'd take it. We walked into town as Airi saw us, and all the people in town were watching. Lisbeth saw Karin, ran at her, and pounced. She didn't shift and they were on the ground, kissing, before they laughed and walked back to her room.

It was a gift that Lisbeth would never know about but it saved me from dealing with Karin because I couldn't out trade her and she would eventually want me. This way they both got to be together. I knew it wasn't over, and I wanted Karin and Elisabeth to have time together, but this was from over because I unlocked the memories of eleven Elves, and they wouldn't wait long. You can't make deals with Sirens without counter deals, so I needed counter deals worthy of their freedom, and I was hoping Lisbeth and Karin would help me because I was going to need more gold. I watched them walk into town as Sara walked up.

"Was I wrong?" Sara stared at me, sadly, and said she had no idea. She probably did but she didn't say. She joined us in town for a feast and celebration because their dragon was no longer angry. We didn't see Elisabeth and Karin, but we ate the fish they brought them, and the town howled at that and celebrated. We were moving toward spring. Sara walked up, looked at me, and kissed me.

"You can't micromanage everything, Daniel, even though you think you can. It's too much for me, and too much for Chloe. It's too much for Annika......

"I woke up in the dark, smelling a fox.
take me part577, edited and updated a bit.
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I needed to work with Anna, which meant.... fuck. I need eight of me, but I needed an experienced rider also, and that was Aisha for the time being. I had gotten myself into a pickle. I flew to Iceland because I wanted to sleep in my cave and it was a beautiful night, peaceful, and then I turned around. Fuck. I banked left, dove, picked up speed and skimmed the ocean until they became trees and I skimmed those until I arrived, back, on Gotland, and landed. I had mostly stopped flying into trees. Elisabeth came running at me, but I didn't shifted and she bounced off of me. She wasn't hurt, maybe her pride a bit, because she was a dragon but she needed to understand the power she had, and the control and responsibility that came along with it, which gave me an idea. I looked at Elisabeth as I shifted and looked at her, as her Da.

"Do you think that I love you as your Da'.?" She looked at me with tears in her eyes and nodded." She nodded again and hugged me. "I need you to trust me because you are my , OUR , but I have to do something that will make you very jealous because of the hormones, but you can't rage, love, because I'm doing it for you. It'll just take a bit for you to understand, which is why you need to trust. me Sweets, I have seen the boys look at you, and the girls, but you scare them because of your rage. You are their dragon. Someone would accept that if you loved each other, but you can't scare them as a girl, which you do." She hit me four times and walked to find Airi and I rethought my plan as Karin bopped up, watching us with her sisters.

"Karin, did Airi give you the stones you wanted for where I come from?" Karin jumped, dived, and jumped onto the shore.

"Yes, mister, and they are amazing. We have none of the stones you have given us, here. We have all spoken and we think it is because they are younger than the oceans, but we would have never seen them with out you Dragon."

"Will you all stay there, please?" They nodded as I pushed to Aisha and told her to meet me at Irina's since Ama was Sara were back there. I was losing my mind and needed my own keeper. I could feel Sara and Ama wondering what I was up to as Aisha she'd be there in a bit. I never argued with Aisha. I looked at Elisabeth, and Airi, and Karin and her friends. "I'll be back quickly but I don't want to over step my bounds. Elisabeth was confused but the Sirens all nodded. Don't panic Elisabeth......"

"She won't Danael. I'll know when you come back so we can go fishing. Elisabeth smiled, and nodded. I kissed both of them and called the mist as they swam off together. I was thinking Elisabeth was in the wrong place, but Karin was also enamored with me and I was NOT having a threesome with Karin, and an under aged, young, water dragon. I walked into the mist and fell through the front door as Ama opened it, and rolled I into the table as they all laughed. I was coming to realize that I would never grasp the mist entrance. I got up as everyone shook their heads. Ilsa hugged me.

"You try to hard, Danael. Perfection, and trying to attain it, is one of the hardest things we need to let go." I nodded as I sat down.

"Where are Hammish and...."

"They took the other horses over the mountain so that they could bond as Da and . Hammish and I are discussing giving him a new name so I am glad you are here because we both value your opinion and insight." I could feel Ama and Sara watching me...along with everyone else. I looked at everyone, and then Ilsa.

"Does he remember his parents, or where he came from?"

"Only that he came from the east of here but he's not sure if if was north, or south." They all looked closed to alike and I told her that. I looked at Ilsa as I thought. He looks similar to both you and Hammish. Where is your family from, Ilsa?" Everyone listened as Aisha walked in. She was quiet.

"I never knew my family. I was raised by Gypsy's until I met Hammish and had a home." Everyone was still.

"Then you answered your own question. Pick a name of the people who raised you, with Hammish, and pick it based upon the energy you feel from him.He's had a hard alife already so give him a good name with good meaning. Go to the witches, or ask Gaia....or Ama and Sara. I think they will say the same." Ilsa looked at Ama.

"Danael speaks wisdom about the name, but don't ask the coven." Ilsa looked at Sara who wrapped herself in wool and nodded. "Aside from that, this bear has a few good ideas." Everyone laughed. "This year is going to be hard but spring is almost here, and you have a lot of work to attend to, don't go to coven meetings, that is important. They aren't mandatory because none of you are elders." I stared at them and growled as Ilsa hugged me. "WORK the land, and make the people do the same. They will reap the benefit. Do not go to the coven this year that means you Malinka and Sofi. Danael has arranged for you to learn with the wolves. You need to do that for this family. Sara will teach you the witching ways far better, as well as the Dragon."

"It was an intense speech, even it was brief. I knew why she gave it, but they were young like Elisabeth was young. Christ, I needed to be in too many places, but I already knew this was one of them. I was starting to think the warning was for me to deal with. I kissed everyone and Ama, Sara, Aisha and I walked outside as Drakon and his mates followed us. I stopped and knelt as he brought them up. Sara, Ama, and Aisha knelt too. I felt their belly's and looked at all of them as I pushed. They all yipped and nuzzled me. I looked at the girls, smiled, and told them that we were having wolf pups. Sara and Aisha pounced on them as Ama stepped back.

"Is that a good idea, Danael?" I looked at her because I knew what she meant but I knew what was coming. I was hoping to build this place up and leave signs people could follow on how to things going forward. I wasn't sure that would happen but I had already talked with Wolf, and Drakon about building a pack that was tame for us, but could also fight like wolves along side us as a pack. I wasn't sure it would work because it was odd for humans and wolves to blend, but I was odd. We were all kinda odd.

"Yes, Ama, it is, but I need to talk you, all of you, about about something else." Ama smiled as we watched Sara and Aisha play with Drakon and his new mates. Drakon walked up to me and butted my leg like Wolf as I scratched their ears and rubbed their shoulders. Drakon howled and they ran back to the pack. Drakon needed to prove himself before the Alpha female, and Wolf, before they could leave. Crap.

They were all looking me like I had any answers. It was a late winter day, not warm, but not brutally cold like we had survived. "Let's walk, please. I need to talk with you. I told them about Annika and my thoughts, and Elisabeth and my thoughts with her regarding Karin. They nodded and then I said...

"I promised Karin that I would let her walk." They stared at me as if I had lost my mind, which I might have, but I didn't think so and wasn't sure Siren's had the power on land as they did in the oceans. Ama walked away without speaking, which couldn't be good. Aisha walked up and punched me four times in the chest.... hard!

"Have you lost your fucking mind!!! They are Sirens, Dragon, and a Dragon can't defend against them, for long. You're insane." Which I was because the next bit was really going to fry their noodle. Aisha punched me again and walked off as I stared at Sara wrapped in her wool.

"They are still looking?" She nodded.

"They'll never find us. Chloe and I have seen to that, with Ama and Gaia. You and Chloe are getting stronger than you should, but I think that is our love. You'll understand soon enough what is coming, Daniel. There is plenty of time, but as you also know there is limited time. You are going to be busy Dragon because of all the things you need to do, and other places you need to be. My advice is don't have sex with a Siren, even on land because they are wily, and have lived longer than us, that said, I think what you want to do makes sense...Gaia help me. Sara walked back inside to get ready.

I looked at the sky as Ama, and Aisha walked up. "I spoke with Gaia and she told me to leave you be, so there is nothing I can do but say I hope you know what you doing."

"Ama, they have been in the oceans for how long? Hiding what? I want to find that out and I need Karin, and probably her friends, because they are better at trading than I am." They both smiled. "Sara already told me about not having sex with a Siren. I just want Elisabeth to have a purpose and in order to do that I need to let Karin walk on land. I'm OK with that, because Karin likes 'lisbeth and she can bring up things undersea that they will trade for our precious, and semi-precious, stones. We'd like to protect what was lost, and they want what they can't have, but we do." Ama stared me.

"You are starting to become arrogant, dragon."

I stared at Ama and Sara. "I am going to my cave so I can sleep, and will talk with you about Annika later. I have thoughts about her, and Klara, that you probably won't like either. I've kept this family safe, and died trying. You either trust me, or you don't. I don't care because I am bringing them here before I take them to Tibet. I gave my word. I don't want to fight you." I turned and walked away as I opened the mist and fell on Gotland.
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Bethany held my hand, and kissed it. We had known each other since we were college. "Tough day?" I looked her and smiled. We were like siblings even though we fooled around a little in college, because that's you do. It just never seemed right to either of us. We didn't have anything problem getting each other off but we never fucked. It ended before we graduated and my dad hired her to take over as the business, and family, accountant-in-training. She was family, and had been ever since, and I was starting to realize that my Ma and Da hired her for all of us, but they really hired her for me, and this, so that I someone I could trust, that knew me before all of what had happened in our lives, because that is a rare gift. Being able to tell someone they being an asshole, no matter how much power they wield, is a rare gift.

"Tough months, love, and they aren't getting easier." She asked me to tell her about Gerel as we drove to her, and Christine's, apartment. "I will but tell me about you and Christine because I have too many balls in the air." She smiled, squeezed my hand, and nodded.

"She hopped one the planes leaving to Canada and stopped at Iceland. She wants to be there to help Chloe, and everyone else." I nodded. "Annika is a handful and Chris's time ran out, at work, even though they want her to come back and are throwing money, and perks, at her, so we'll see. But her is staying in the house with Anna, and she's already hurt Haag, twice, and you, not badly but she's concerned and wants to help as a mom."

"She want's to be involved in the charity end of what we are discussing so I can focus on the business. It's a no brainer but we need to get things lined up because there are a lot of balls in the air and winter is heading to close. We can do damage control until spring and then go full bore." I smiled, and nodded. Both my parents always told me, and reiterated it over, and over, again telling me that I might not be Picasso, or da'Vinci, but I did good quality work in whatever I did.... and I had a sense about people. I could choose good people. They were right about that.

"I think she is going to agree to another six months, maybe year, and just work her ass off, which I sort of understand," as we both laughed. She wants to set aside as much as she can for Emily and jake's future." I looked at her as she smiled. "I know, but she's a single mom and it's important," I nodded, "and they could use the help in Iceland with Annika. I assume you won't be staying long." I nodded and told her I wanted to sleep in my cave. Annika wanted to be a rider and it was looking like she was. I needed to talk with Klara and she wasn't going to happy any way this played out. "Are you hungry?" I smiled and nodded as she shook her head. "Good, because we've been busy. We focused on the top, and the bottom, because that's where the money is. We didn't stop the in between but these projects need something to show, and boy did they do it. I'm excited for you to see it during the day because it really has come along way. Before Annie left, she and I met with two people who walked into my dingy office, without an appointment, and endeared themselves to me. He gave me his plan and told me what he wanted to do. I was impressed with them, and their Chutzpah, and I called Annie so we could meet him the following day." I stared at her as she smiled.

"You will like them Daniel. He and his fiance are pregnant. They are almost 30 and he moved here from Sweden after she told him about we were doing. He flew out immediately." I said wow! "Annie and I said the same thing but wait until you see his place. Half is done.... reasonably priced breakfasts, and then sandwiches, soups, and salads, and take out bread, meat, and cheese for lunch." I stared her. "I know, right, and they are almost thirty. They found people in the alleys that they are starting to hire, but because it's been so brutal he started doing soup and breads, and they have cheese, and sausages, and cold meats, but they've been making a different family type meal from various places from around the region. He's a good cook, and they are smart, which is good for us, but Annie and I think they are more. She is more focused on helping but every time I go in for lunch, she is watching everything." I said like you, as she punched me and smiled. "Both of their moms are here to help, which is either good or bad, but the ideas we discussed about this place are starting to come to life and I wanted to introduce you to them, and we can get soup and bread before you leave. I nodded.

"What about the woman with the small place down the alley?" I stared at her and grunted.

"I know love but she is stubborn like you and your family." I nodded. Take me there, please." She nodded. It was closed but the light was still on as I knocked.

"We're closed," She said in Polish. I pounded has I told her, in Polish, that I needed to talk with her. She almost ripped the door open because she was so mad and started screaming at us as Bethany took a step back because she had a meat cleaver. She knew how to swear, that was for sure, and then she looked at me and smiled.

"Babushka." She started crying and hugged me.

"Dragon, you've come back." Bethany said hi and we switched to English. "Come, come because it's still cold. I only have potato soup, sausage, and bread but have warm Koltaczki and tea. There is more than enough. I looked at her. "Stop Dragon and sit, you can chastise me after we eat." I hugged her and kissed her head as Bethany and I asked where plates and bowls were. We ate and caught up, mostly about the alleys because they were important to all of us.

"This nice woman, and the other, told me they'd see to it that I could be on a corner so that my food could get the recognition it deserves once again. I was tempted but I like this alley. It's my home. It's lot's of people's home above what use to be shop. Please don't change that, Dragon. Marnine did what she did to me, but in an odd sense I'm happier because I no longer need recognition. I'd just rather cook good, simple, food from my homeland, and teach young people who want to cook.

"If you could have anything here, in this alley, what would you want?" She at me, and Bethany. I would like fifteen tables, a new kitchen and to have the place spruced up...the whole alley... and,"

"Babushka?" She looked at me with tears in her eyes. She wiped as she looked at both of us.

"I want a lot. We nodded. I want this aleyto be inviting, and safe, and well light. I want the cobblestones restored. The people who live here are old like me, and most of us don't have , or our aren't interested in the knowledge we carry. I want a large kitchen that multiple places could use, but I mostly want ovens to bake numerous things in, and a place that I can cater events and teach young people.... give young a job so that they have something they can be proud of. I had that and want to share it." She was on a roll, which I was glad for because this was we had talked about doing with the clans. "A full bakery, that was my love. I can teach people to cook, and too bake, but baking takes more skill given the food I would teach...and since I am dreaming. I would like a larger place to live, above me, on the corner overlooking the street so I can look out, smile, and enjoy my krupnik in the evening, and my tea in the morning. That's what I want, Dragon."

"This would make you happy, Babushka?" I said it in Polsih but Bethany understood. She helped up her index finger.

"The entire alley, Dragon, all of that would make me happy." I spoke English again so Bethany could understand.

I looked at Bethany, she smiled, and nodded. "It'll be done, you have our word, on all of it. I have things to do tomorrow but I'll back and we'll discuss plans for you, your friends, and the alley, and we'll just going from there farther back. Please meet with your neighbors, and friends here and have them figure out what they need to pass on their craft, or art, and also to stay here. We are going to be building a large community center in town, in many towns of the clans, to do just such a thing on a larger scale, but I am partial to apprenticeships. As far as the flat goes...." I looked at Bethany?

"There is someone looking at it but they only left a message so that corner is yours, Babushka. I'll meet with you and the builder so you can tell him what you want." She stared at us with tears welling, but this is what I wanted and it had to start to with someone and neither Bethany, or I, or Christine for that matter, had living grandmothers. Marnine almost devastated these clans, and this was only one of many grandmothers we needed to help, and one of many alleys.

"Can I afford it?" Bethany hugged her.

"The rent will be reasonable for people and the cost of updates won't factor in. We have engineers, and others, looking at the best ways to provide heat to all units, and possibly light, so you would probably be paying less than you are now, for a bigger, and nicer place. We have a fund we have take because of Marnine and it's safeguarded. We are using that, and the wealth that the clans have amassed to help the people for a change, none of us are Marnine...NONE of us. " We would rather know our elders, and our , and everyone in the middle because how could a piece of gold compare to that." She broke down and cried because her life, and the lives of her family and friends, had not been like that. The lives in all of Europe and Russia had not been easy for them for a long time, some things were changing but not enough. Bethany and I did the dishes as she made tea and took plates for Koltaczki's, which were amazing so she was definitely getting a bakery. I had a whole cave of gold, and I was going to have a talk with Marnine about what she took them over a millennia. I would get it back

We hugged each and Bethany and I walked to the car. "Are we onboard with this sweets?" Bethany looked at me and overlapped her first two fingers and nodded as she kissedme, "Good. I walked her to the car, kissed her, and told I'd leave from but would be back tomorrow, or the day after, depending.

"Take care of the young Dragon...take care of all of them." She kissed me again as I walked back into the alley because I needed practice flying in tight places. I shifted and my wings could barely open. Shit, this was going to be interesting. I looked to my left because something was watching me. It was a cat that was lying against the wall staring at me. It got up, stretched, turned it's back, and sauntered out the alley totally unimpressed.

"I could bar-b-que you, ya' little shit." I looked up, breathed in, flew and bounced off of walls and eaves until I cleared the roof and could fly somewhat normally. Why anyone thought I could be a dragon was beyond me, but I did like flying, even if the stench was a bit much. I flew to Iceland. I'd deal with Marnine, and what she stole from these people, another time, but I had enough to do.
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