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take me part 465  

dadigan 60M  
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12/2/2021 11:35 pm
take me part 465

I glad everyone happy. We were doing what we could but people were for us, and my family separate. I ate with everyone, my mind planning. I needed to contact Bob, and find out who for my family, because I going to hurt them. Emma sat down.

"You need to eat more." I nodded

"Can I get milk, please." She nodded and brought me carafe. Kana sat down.

"You are worried dragon. Why." I told her. "Do you know who they are?" I shook my head. "Find them. We'll fly when you do and end these people, for good. The night crew walked out as we were eating. I drank my milk, kissed Kana and walked outside. Sara and Annie stopped her. Kana highly protective of me, but she singularly focused.

"He's fine Kana. We can't stop him. He'll do this until he drops." She looked at them and nodded as I walked to the barn. The heaters were electric, but there still hay everywhere. I told them. I checked on Drakon, and his pac They slept like the girls, only there were mor of them. This the shift because there wasn't much to do.

"I'll be bac" They nodded. I walked to the hay barn and I pushed because of what Deat said. least we had that going for us. I walked back to the main barn when Fenrir walked up.

"You don't sleep." I shook my head.

"You care about your people." I nodded.

"This is going to be a hard winter for all of us, like the past." I nodded. 'There are too many deer. Once we make it past this, we'll start culling the herds to keep them healthy. I'll call on you if we need you dragon." I nodded and the mist appeared. I walked in and got thrown out.

"GODDAMN IT! SHIT!!!!!!!" I walked out the barn in the past. It still cold. I grabbed wood as I went inside I filled the hearth, and went to bed. The girls were asleep, and intertwined. I undressed and took my quarter of the bed. I tired and fell asleep in minutes.

Claw51478 74M  
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12/3/2021 4:37 pm

Seems Daniel is leaning to walk thru the Mist. He's back in the Past, at his beginning. What adventures await him now.

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