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dadigan 60M  
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11/21/2021 1:00 pm
take part 429

I fed the mules, and goats, and milked them. I collected eggs and fed the pigs more of the wolf meat. "Malinka will bring you scraps when she gets . They snorted. I put the eggs in the basket next the milk and dropped.

Shit! No one was around so I pushed myself and walked into the kitchen, looking for milk. I poured a glass and turned around to woman with tattoo's pointing a knife at . "WHO the fuck are you, and put our milk down."

"NO, and I'm Daniel. Who the fuck are you?" She stared at as I drank. "What's your name?" Silence.

"Astrid. Who are you?"

"Tri, put the knife down, this is Danael. She's protective." I nodded as I drank. He's Danael...with the girls?" She smiled but held the knife her side. "You're back. You this a lot I gather. We have get ready for dinner." I poured milk.

"More now than usual."

"Anryd filled in. You have a lot going, in multiple places." I nodded as she looked at . "If you could peel those when you are finished with your milk, it would be a huge help. We have a LOT do for tomorrow, even with the meat."


"It's fine Danael, you can't do everything. Henry and Janey are helping, and the girls left to help them. How are your women in the past?"

"Multiplying." She looked at me and laughed. "I'm sorry if I startled you Astrid." I started peeling.

"Did you see the building where my new restaurant will be." I shook my head. "If we have time before you go back we'll walk over. It's a perfect location, and large. I'll be able to hire many people. Annie, Tina, and Bethany are working on the renovations. They think we could open by the Holidays.'

"That's wonderful, Britte." She smiled. I was obvious how happy she was.

"Yes. Astrid, love, will you go pick vegetables for us. I'll be fine, Love." She kissed her as Astrid stared at and put the knife down as she walked out. "She is very protective of . She didn't have an easy life and she doesn't men." Britte looked at me, and smiled. "Not even good ones, but I'm trying. You move quickly dragon." I looked at her, confused. She laughed. "Not that, silly, I mean of this." She pointed around here. "It didn't take long." I nodded.

"You can thank Bethany for that. She watches over I just saw the potential and knew if we didn't buy it that there never be a way for working people be here." She nodded. "I'm glad that she was able the building the corner." She smiled and nodded.

"I use have that until Marnine got angry with . she could do was send here, which I didn't mind because it made focus my training. A small kitchen is just as productive as a large one. They're just different." I nodded. "Marnine wanted do more but even at the height of her power she feared Anryd's clan so I was just exiled. It wasn't terrible because I grew here."

"Marnine is dealing with a similar thing, now. Gaia has her pretty short leash." She nodded.

"Is it true that you bit Anryd first?" I smiled, nodded, and said I didn't know who she was, or the customs. She laughed. "Well praise be to Gaia because she obviously did, and you two are perfect together, of you. I hope the women in the past are the same." I nodded as Astrid walked in.

"Danael, will you help me with the boxes." I nodded and asked if she was going stab . She laughed. "No, Britte likes you much and she a better judge of people than I am.." I nodded as we walked the alley. "You're the dragon people are whispering about?" I nodded as loaded boxes into my arms. She was quiet. My people were dragon riders, but it's a been a very long time. It'll be good to have a dragon here other than Marnine. Will you take for a ride some time?" She opened the door as we walked to the kitchen.

"You'll be at the feast?" She said that everyone would be at the feast. It's why they were prepping then." I looked at her and told her I'd take her flying. I put the vegetables down and shifted back to having a baby goat licking my face.

"Stop, you beast. Holy crap. Sofi and Maliinka were watching, and laughing. "You could have stopped it." The shook their heads and started walking away. "Get you butts back here." They did I handed them the eggs and the milk. "Don't be annoying." I needed to find a dictionary, or figure a way to bring one back. I petted the goat and closed the barn. I still missed Teesha.

Claw51478 74M  
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11/21/2021 3:35 pm

Tomorrow is the Feast and Ceremony . I wonder if Ingrid's brother will attempt to kill Daniel and the wives. I also wonder if he knows what happened to his sister, Ingrid..
Story is moving along, between the two families, the Present and the Past.
I also wonder how much of the Past Business Empire survives today.

cjg045 69M  
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11/21/2021 7:44 pm

A tale for the ages, that's what you are writing Daniel. Trying to keep track of the ceremony & the other forces aligned against our people. May they all end up safe & well taken care of by all of the animals that get shifted into.

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